Keep in Mind re: campaigns

Most people are interested in politics only during campaign season.  That causes problems.  It skews the average citizen’s perception of politicians.  It is what creates the impression that most politicians are scumbags, soundrels, and fools.

Consider this:  The whole purpose of a campaign on both sides is to make the other person look awful.  In the end then, both sides DO look awful.  But that doesn’t mean that they really ARE awful.  It is easy to create a false impression.  Too easy.

Think of two of your friends.  Pretend that they got into an argument and starting yelling in each other’s face, screaming about the worst of each other.  If all you ever knew about them was that argument, you probably wouldn’t think too highly of either.

Keep that in mind over the next few months.  Both Barack Obama and John McCain are impressive men and honorable Americans.

2 thoughts on “Keep in Mind re: campaigns

  1. Hmm…what if, simultaneously, while screaming the worst of each other, each of them touted their own greatness? Then after the argument, they keep talking about how amazing they are – then suddenly give their friend complements?

    The false impression also means we can think they are great people. The final goal of any politician should make us skeptical on all fronts. We can only choose one – I choose the one that’s not awful.

  2. Very good point. We certainly can be manipulated to over-inflate the greatness….I’m thinking Hitler. I forget about that.

    You realize when you say “the final goal of any politician should make us skeptical on all fronts” you are sounding like a classic conservative. That is a good thing. Ha.

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